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We can make a difference on these issues.

Right now our main issues include: getting medicaid expansion here in Pennsylvania, stopping all social security and medicare cuts at the federal level, and easing the massive debt of college students.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Looks like we'll be doing some more things in the near future....

I've had to take care of some personal bills and put this project on the backburner for awhile but it looks like we'll be starting some new Kickstarter like projects very very soon. They're going to focus on the issue of student debt.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sign this petition urging Governor Corbett to sign medicaid expansion legislation.

It really is a no brainer. It's almost six years of practically free money. Three years of definitely free money. There's just no good reason not to accept. You can sign the petition here.

I also wish the people doing this would pay the Greater Good Coalition to knock on doors on this issue because this would be a fantastic issue to knock doors on. I also think it would be more effective than television ads. Or more effective combined with television ads. We could put pressure on the governor and state reps that don't support the bill.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Two pictures that illustrate what's wrong with what happened at that West Texas explosion. #westtexas #westtexasexplosion

I'm still waiting for the breathless 24 hour hunt for the evil doers. Here are those illustrations.

And the idiotic governor of Texas had the gall to be upset with this cartoon. Real political cartooning by the way.

I just hate that Hollingsworth Hound....!

You can find the cartoon at either Boing Boing or the Daily Kos.

Might be starting up the field canvass again...

We've done some sporadic canvassing over the last several years. The most canvassing I've been doing has been with Working Families over the last year or so. Working Families is a great organization that's based in New York. They've been much more successful there when it comes to stopping fracking development. They weren't as successful in their election efforts here (Pennsylvania) but they're learning and they will only get better.

Meanwhile, no one is canvassing in this town about Medicaid expansion or stopping social security/medicare, or the crisis in student loan debt. So someone should try for six weeks or so. Or more if we can find people.

And as always: There is the mythical land of France.

Meant to Be Published in October 2012

We're still here but we're involved with election issues. No canvassing this summer but we'll be back knocking on doors next year. Meanwhile, I agree: I think Chris Shropshire is wrong to voluntarily enlist. I mean, if you let me vote it might be a good idea but otherwise...