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Right now our main issues include: getting medicaid expansion here in Pennsylvania, stopping all social security and medicare cuts at the federal level, and easing the massive debt of college students.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What the Greater Good Coalition Can Do

The Greater Good Coalition was officially incorporated on Jan. 21st 2011. I designed this company to work on behalf of the public good in multiple ways.

Sometime back, on Firedoglake, I came up with the idea that what progressive outsider candidates needed was money. We should seek out 300000 like minded candidates to give 10 dollars a month to build a real budget for progressive candidates who will actually fight for progressive values. And I don't mean people that fight like Al Franken or Bernie Sanders, losing on both net neutrality and the public option (the 20 billion that Bernie Sanders got in exchange for the public option also looks to have been cut from the House budget...). We need progressives that will fight dirty like republicans Tom Coburn and Jim Demint. Here's a revelation: we should shoot for five senators and not worry about the presidency. Under Supermajority rules, senators pretty much have veto power over bills. That's a personal opinion.

That 300000 times 10 comes out to 3 million a month or 36 million a year. That's enough to fund my oft repeated 5/25 plan.

Here are the public interest ideas outlined in our articles of incorporation.

The primary public interest purpose of The Greater Good Coalition (GGC) is to help the American public better understand and change the policies that affect their lives by using whatever means necessary including, but not limited to, cell phones, internet tools, old fashioned door knocking (canvassing), fliers and petition campaigns that can result in the greatest good for the greatest in number (My definition of "Progressive"). These local, state and federal policies include, but are not limited to (includes all policies that affect the greater good), unemployment and jobs policy (international job killing trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA), tax policy, environmental policy, election fairness, election integrity, voter access, net neutrality, college debt forgiveness, consumer protection, affordable health care, big telecom/cable issues, the off-shoring of jobs and affordable and accessible public transit. As a general rule, we also support any policy that gets us closer to living like a citizen of France or Norway (as of 2010) and working to defeat any policy that gets us closer to the vast unemployment and misery of the majority population of Mexico (as of 2010) or some other Third World plutocracy. This primary purpose will be articulated by an online paper/website presence. ( initially but this might change! It will certainly be expanded.)
The second public interest purpose of the Greater Good Coalition is non partisan voter education, registration and get out the voter activities in conjunction with elections.
The third public interest purpose of the Greater Good Coalition is finding and identifying candidates throughout the United States that are most supportive of our progressive public interest positions. (See primary purpose.)
The fourth public interest purpose of the Greater Good Coalition will be to seek out and create better non profit models for newspapers, journals of criticism, fiction and original businesses virtual and otherwise that can be started by citizens of limited means (defined as making less than a living wage).

Disclaimer: As a 527, we can't endorse anybody! But we can work indirectly for candidates that share our viewpoints.


  1. Excellent. One suggestion is to ask only for 300,000 commitments to make the payments. Keep a count and when we hit 300,000 we begin to make the payments. Just in case it all craps out with a low number, the first group doesn't just lose payments.

    the running tally will show how the campaign is going and attract more people as they see the growth. Get FDL to advertise it and keep all the FDL people aware of the party and its candidates.

  2. Hey that was fast! No we can spend any and all of the money we can get. The first 12 grand would go to my salary if that's all way raised. 37,500 would allow us to indirectly support just about any state race and possibly even a sheriff's race.
    100 grand would allow us to set up hard hardquarters (offices with a phone, secretaries, that kind of thing...)in places like Harrisburg, Philly and Washington DC, where I would probably move. So even if we don't get all the money we can show people what we can do with it...