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Friday, April 15, 2011

Something You Can Do: Sign All Four Public Petitions Against Corbett's Education Cuts

There are four public petitions against Corbett's drastic and massive proposed educational cuts.

This is one from the  Pennsylvania Democrats:

Stop Tuition Hikes and Property Tax Increases, Oppose Corbett's Budget

Tom Corbett's budget will likely lead to property tax increases and tuition hikes by cutting education funding for colleges and local school districts.
Sign our petition and oppose Tom Corbett's property tax increases and tuition hikes.
I oppose Tom Corbett's attack on the middle class.
Tom Corbett's budget will likely lead to property tax increases and tuition hikes by cutting education funding for colleges and local school districts, which will badly hurt the middle class.
Corbett's budget cuts K-12 funding by over $1 billion and higher education funding by more than $600 million. These cuts will likely result in higher property taxes and tuition hikes for Pennsylvania's students. Education cuts will also compromise Pennsylvania's ability to train and educate students for jobs in the Commonwealth.
While targeting the middle class, Corbett's budget also provides giveaways to his donors. In addition to his earlier unilateral decision to provide a $200 million giveaway to corporate special interests, Corbett's budget also provides a $70 million tax break to corporations. Corbett also refused to implement a responsible severance tax on Marcellus shale gas drillers, instead cutting environmental protection funding and leaving families and local communities on the hook for damage caused by drillers.
Pennsylvanians deserve better, and I oppose Tom Corbett's budget.
# # #
Thank you for signing our petition and standing up to Tom Corbett's attack on the middle class.
This is one from MoveOn. Its short and to the point.

Pennsylvania's budget has already been cut to the bone. Corporations and the wealthy must pay their fair share for quality schools, police, health care, and other vital public services.

This is from Change Org. This is just an excerpt. Its written by a justifiably upset state college student.

But an analysis from the Harrisburg Patriot News suggests that the results may be a foregone conclusion  . A big chunk of the 30-member commission is made up of folks inclined to side with big natural gas drillers.

The group includes 13 people with ties to the gas industry and only four environmentalists. The others are state and local government officials and a geologist.

The other major trend in appointments? Campaign contributors:

Thirteen of the members contributed a total of $557,000 to Mr. Corbett's political campaigns since 2008; 12 have ties with companies whose executives or political action committees contributed another $562,000; one is the son of a $300,000 contributor. All together that amounted to just over $1.4 million."

Tell Governor Corbett that cutting the budget for higher education is a disastrous move for current and future college students.

P.S.: Help promote this petitition as much as possible! Tweet, post on Facebook, and Email! Let people know how this affects them! The more this is promoted, the better the outcome - and promoting this petition is incredibly easy! 

Stop Pennsylvania's billion-dollar cut to education

By Marc Stier
To be delivered to: The Pennsylvania State House, The Pennsylvania State Senate and Governor Tom Corbett
“We urge you not to cut $1 billion from basic education in Pennsylvania and 50 percent from state universities. Before cutting funds for education, we need to end loopholes that enable natural gas drillers and corporations to escape taxation.”
Sign our petition to stop massive cuts to funding for elementary, secondary, and higher education in Pennsylvania.

This petition is sponsored by Penn ACTION ( and Education Voters PA (

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