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Right now our main issues include: getting medicaid expansion here in Pennsylvania, stopping all social security and medicare cuts at the federal level, and easing the massive debt of college students.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Ian Welsh said.

Technically, if you're been supporting us at the door (thank you) or reading the blog we've essentially borrowed the Bold Progressives line and said no cuts to social security, medicare or medicaid. It seems like that's what happened with the debt deal exception being medicare, which aids old people or your parents or grandparents, great aunts and the like. However, given the president's weak and/or non existent negotiating skills I honestly don't know how long that will continue.

Or here's a fun scenario, thanks to the Super Congress: social security, medicare and medicaid aren't touched but we lose the EPA and Americorps. I just don't consider this debt deal a victory. In fact, it looks to be a horrible loss which could repeal the New Deal. Just awful. Or as I've stated elsewhere: Bad optics. Bad policy. Bad president (When you score this much for the opposing team I begin to think that you're on the other side).

Ian Welsh speaks for me:

What the Debt Limit Crisis Should Have Taught You

2011 JULY 31
by Ian Welsh
This is not primarily about the Tea Party
It is about what rich donors want.  The Tea Party does not even have the amount of muscle progressives do.  Progressives can bring tens of thousands of people out, the Tea Party can rarely even get above 1,000.  They are a convenient excuse to do what the Beltway and the oligarchs already want to do.
Where are you going to go?
Both Dems and Republicans are onside with cutting Social Security and Medicare. They are only third rails if there is someone else to vote for.
The deals being offered will cause a second downleg of the Depression and a worse one
We’re in a Depression.  This is fact.  Anyone who doesn’t call it that is gutless, stupid or uninformed.  This will make it worse, not just for the US, but for the entire developed world.
Representatives work for the people who pay them
That isn’t really you.  They don’t become multi-millionaires on their salaries, you know.  It’s their donors, the people who hire their wives and children, the people who fund their campaigns, the people who give them good jobs when they leave government.  If you want Reps and Senators to work for you, you must pay them better, you must fund their campaigns (and sharply limit outside funding) and you must make it illegal for them to EVER make more money in a year than their government salary (index it to an average of the median wage, the minimum wage, and CPI).  You should do what Canada used to do and give them a good pension after 6 years.  You DON’T want them worrying about their next job, or what they’ll do if they’ll lose.
Point being, they don’t work for you.
This is a representative plutocracy
I believe Stirling Newberry, in the early 90s, pointed this out first.  Politicians are paid by people other than you.  You are the product.  Think of this as the Facebook rule, if you aren’t paying for something, then you are the product.  The rich pay politicians to rangle you.  The amount of salary and public funding most Reps get is trivial compared to how much money they get from donors, even during their time in elected office, let alone after they leave.  You are the product, not the customer, of DC politicians.  They do not represent you, and you should not expect your interests to be looked after except as an afterthought.  When the oligarchs all agree that something needs to be done (like cut entitlements), it will be done, no matter how unpopular it is.
This “Crisis” is what Obama wanted
Again, if he didn’t, he would have raised the debt ceiling in the lame duck.  Nancy Pelosi was always very good at getting those sort of basic housekeeping bills through. It would have passed.  Period.  Obama wanted to cut SS and Medicare, and he needed a “crisis” in order to do it.  He also needed a Republican House, which he had, because his policies during 2009 and 2010 didn’t fix the economy.
You should have been working on nothing but primarying Obama since the day after the midterms
If you don’t understand why, I can’t help you.
There is no war but class war
Break the rich, or they will finish institutionalizing aristocracy.  Period.

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